Archbishop James Provence Bio

James Provence was born in San Francisco in 1947, and demonstrated an early aptitude for engineering and electronics. He would volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol before landing his first job at California’s first FM station to broadcast in stereo.

In 1969, he left broadcast radio for the world of television. His work with the Hughes Sports Network, a predecessor to ESPN, would help broadcast away games for teams competing in Northern California. For three years, he remained in television until a transfer to the motion picture industry in 1972.

Provence’s aptitude for gadgets made him the ideal candidate for repairing cameras and lens equipment around San Francisco State University. He eventually became a licensed repair person for those companies, travelling Northern California to offer assistance as needed.

Archbishop James Provence heard the vocational call to join the church in 1979. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Sacred Theology and served the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 40 years. He retired from the church and currently resides in Vacaville, where he practices furniture making and reads history.